Why should conveyancers use Big Property Data?

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Time tends to be in short supply for conveyancers, so anything that holds up the process is unfavourable, particularly when you have a demanding client on the phone. I’m sure we can all relate to this! 😅

“I already have a search provider, why switch to Big Property Data?”

Good question! From time to time, we are asked this question and we understand that many conveyancers have used the same search provider for a number of years. Let’s us explain:


A typical conveyancing transaction may consist of a Local Authority Search, Drainage & Water (CON29DW) and an Environmental Report. Just as a very quick overview, here’s our pricing for a property within the North East:

  • Residential Search package:
    Regulated Local Authority Search, Official CON29DW and Residential Environmental Risk Report: ~£177.96 (Inc VAT)
  • Commercial search package:
    Regulated Local Authority Search, Official CON29DW and Commercial Environmental Risk Report: ~£289.80 (Inc VAT)

Added to this, our regulated search comes in at £60 + VAT across England & Wales. Our package reports offer great savings.

Turnaround times

Setting expectations on turnaround times is key. What makes Big Property Data different is that we have a database that dynamically updated several times during a working week. This database consists of the NLIS Catalogue, which is a direct link to all Local Authorities across England & Wales. Rest assured, we’re the first to know when there are delays, closures, land charge members on leave and technical issues within a local authority.


As you can see from our Big Property Data homepage, this consists of just some of our partners. We have built a solid relationship with over 15+ industry leading organisations either hosting their raw data within our servers or electronically integrating into their systems. Ultimately reducing turnaround times and costs.

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Transparency is key in order to build trust. Trust is very important to all the team at Big Property Data and we strive to build long-term relationships with all of our customers. No matter how big or small your conveyancing firm is, we treat all of our customers equally.


We have a dedicate development and innovation team who are constantly striving to improve Big Property Data. On average, we update our system with new improvements every week. These updates can relate to new data within our reports, to tweaks within your email notification when your order is ready. We take feedback very seriously and if we think the suggestion is good, we can implement this within the day (in most cases)!

The combination of our partners, innovative platform, speed and efficiency, many legal firms are switching to Big Property Data.

For more information, please visit https://bigpropertydata.com