Turnaround times on Local Authority Searches ⏱

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Turnaround times are crucial when trying to complete on a property transaction. At Big Property Data, we understand the frustration of the common question “when are my searches going to be ready?”.

Official Local Authority Searches 

There’s a common myth within the conveyancing market that Official Local Authority Searches are ‘slow’ to be returned. In many cases, we have had Official Local Authority Searches be returned within the day!

Being a NLIS Channel provides Big Property Data and it’s customers with a number of benefits over other search providers in the market. One of which is the ‘NLIS Catalogue’.

Nlis-Logo-RGB_LicencedChannel NLIS Catalogue? 

The NLIS Catalogue is a dynamic pricing and turnaround time database that is updated several times a week across all 326 Local Authorities. The NLIS Catalogue provides Big Property Data with real-time data with any potential delays, closures, land charge members on leave and technical issues within a local authority. By having the NLIS Catalogue, we can filter this information through to our customers allowing them to set realistic expectations to their clients.

Acceptance of a search ✅

Once you’ve placed your order for an Official Local Authority Search via Big Property Data, this is electronically pushed through to the relevant local authority. Once the local authority receive this request, they will “Accept” the order and input an “expected delivery date”. This delivery date is automatically populated into your “My Purchases” section to keep you up to date. One of many benefits we offer to our customers.

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