New ‘Flood Consultancy Service’ offered by Big Property Data and JBA Consulting







Having a ‘Further Action’ can hold up your clients transaction and with this in mind, Big Property Data and JBA Consulting (JBA) have teamed up to create a new and affordable range of flood risk solutions enabling homebuyers or commercial property purchasers to determine and properly understand flood risk.

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Who’s JBA Consulting? 

JBA’s specialist consultants have over 20 years’ experience in flood risk management, able to offer independent advice on what to do if you have a ‘further action on flood’ within your Big Property Data report.


As of today, the following products will be available:

  • ‘Report Review’ starting at £99+VAT – The purpose of the Report Review is to provide the beneficiary with a specialist flood risk assessment opinion on the issues identified in the Big Property Data report.  This provides a bespoke review of the data contributing to the report.  This service is targeted at homeowners undertaking a house purchase or sale. Turnaround time: ~2 working days
  • ‘Desktop Review’ starting at £500+VAT – The purpose of the Desktop Review is to allow the use of additional readily available datasets in the process to enable these to be analysed in order to provide a more thoroughly informed opinion as to the flood risk, or otherwise, which may impact on the location.  It is intended to provide a more detailed analysis of the site location based on these data and to support a homeowner in determining if a flood risk exists when this cannot be determined with sufficient confidence from the Report Review. Turnaround time: ~5 working days
  • ‘Onsite Risk Assessment’ starting at £1,000+VAT – A site visit by JBA will identify flood mechanisms, flow paths and local ground conditions that may impact flooding at the property.  The results of the on-site assessment will be presented as a brief report, further validating the understanding of flood risk and, if appropriate, identifying initial opportunities for Property Level Resilience (PLR) measures. The purpose of the On-site Assessment is to all the identification of flood related features by a technically competent flood risk specialist that would not be appropriately incorporated into the flood datasets available in either the Report or the Desktop Review.  This is likely to include the collation of site conditions and flood mechanism and specific local knowledge capture through a face to face meeting with the beneficiary. Turnaround time: ~10 working days
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